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I'm Usagi, a huge fan of anime, manga and art. I have felt sad, broken and scared but I try not to let those feelings effect me. I love life!

Please enjoy my blog and don't be afraid to drop me an ask!


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usagisakuradrops whispered:
"Sasuke kun!!" The girl runs over and tackles him to the ground. With her arms wrapped around him she nuzzles his face.




It caught him completely off guard but seeing as he was in the best mood the grouchy Uchiha could be in he just flopped down on the soft grass now covered in yellow flowers and placed a hand on her waist awkwardly “Usagi” he greeted closing one eye as she nuzzles his face. It was always a pleasure to see her but Sasuke would never admit it.


"That’s not the reason I keep it.. when they left I wandered around the village crying but no one asked me anything until I made it to the market.." Walking over to Sasuke she took the paper from his tense hands.

"What’s wrong sweetheart?" A kindred voice asks. Tears streamed down the young girls face when she looked up. A woman stood before her with a basket of fruit. She had long, raven black hair and caring eyes. “Mommy and Daddy…” she wraped her arms around herself. Kneeling down the woman placed a gentle hand on her and spotted the paper. “Dear me…” she sighed and took the paper. “Someone ruined this beautiful butterfly.” 

Y-You like it?” the child said. “Of course! Now I’m sure your parents will be back soon. You can always come show me your drawings.. My son is too busy following his older brother around.” she giggles. “Everyday it’s “Mommy! When is Itachi coming home? Neh Mom!” Usagi smiled and asked the woman her name.

" It was Mikoto Uchi-" she froze. "Uchiha.."

When her fingers unclamped his hand he released unable to toss the dammed thing into the fire. Deep in thought it was a shame that her parents were so foolish when he had lost his against their will yet hers simply let her go… As the first name came out of her lips Sasuke snapped out of his thoughts and looked at her wide eyed. She had spoken his mother’s name “Y-You knew Mikoto?”

"I showed her a couple pictures day she stopped showing up..I never figured out what happened." Fully facing him now she took both his hands. Even back then an uchiha had helped him.. it was almost funny. "She was the prettiest woman I’d ever seen."

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fan: Why do I suck at life?

jacksfilms: Because life should suck you. 


"--I will not forgive whoever hurts Tatsuki-chan!"

   For those who say Inoue never killed a Hollow and/or never did a thing, never killed anything or has done a single thing for her friends. You might as well want to re-read the chapters The Princess and The Dragon, ASAP and get your head out of your butt.


"your bra strap is showing"

that’s my dick

put it away aaron

9/03  |   Happy birthday, Orihime!  


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